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Chef Overseas  - Chef Recruitment Service

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Chef Overseas takes you to the next dimension of services. The focus on meaningful solutions that foster measurable results  

We help you find talented hospitality professionals and chefs at a competitive rate.

Our Story


Chef Overseas always strives to provide customer satisfaction through its legendary services at an affordable price. We believe in long-term relationships with our customers and to add more to our client list from the reference of our existing one.

The emergence of services portfolio management has forced organizations to rethink their service delivery strategy. This new thinking comes in the backdrop of studies suggesting that HR-related activities generally take up to 25% of the business’s time. Hence, companies are looking for solutions that can assist in consolidating segmented HR processes, maintaining quality and compliance. Supplier consolidation/rationalization is being thoroughly analyzed as a means to gain economies of scale, reduce overall cost and speedily implement new efforts to meet short term business needs.

Why Chef Overseas

Chef Overseas practice supports a full spectrum of Chef Placement service offerings including along with workforce, learning, recruitment and administration. These are delivered through a combination of domain experts, proven transition methodology and quality-driven operational execution, integrated with apt technology enablers.

We can help customers attain speed to market, lower operating costs, scalable and sustainable services and continuous improvement innovation.

Our Placement service provides:

  • The transformation led and technology-enabled Shared Service for hire

  • Enhanced use of placement self-service with client organizations

  • Placement portfolio

  • Transformational engagements

  • Language services

Chef Overseas placement solutions are:

  • Shared services: Local, regional and offshore services coupled with captive local and remote shared services centers.

Placement Transformation: Internal transformations, broad HR outsourcing or point solution outsourcing reduce costs and enable resources to focus on strategy and business customers, improving service, and enhancing internal customer experience


How Chef Overseas Can Help

Get the best candidates

The only Chef recruiter with an innovative Hexa-Step search process that ensures you get the best available candidates, no matter how difficult the requirements.  We find chefs, hotel managers, hospitality executives, restaurant management and more.

Hospitality expertise

Our recruiters have worked for the top hospitality organizations before joining us.  We also run LinkedIn's largest hospitality and chef groups.  Combined with our extensive database, we can reach over 100k hospitality and culinary professionals in 12+ countries.  

Simple Affordable Fees

No more complicated percentages calculations.  We use simple pricing that is affordable and easy to understand.

Our Clients

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